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As an incubator of ideas, Furthermore explores how and why we make cultural artifacts in the 21st century. Our team implements this by offering proposals and alternatives in design, technology, education, and cultural awareness to a growing number of institutions and private entities. We also initiate our own case studies in order to examine the common threads between creative agencies, think tanks, and art schools.



2013 – present

Extending recent research and works by artist/curator Jean-Michel Crapanzano (France/Netherlands), the Utopier project uses the demolished German town Pier as a platform for a group of artists and thinkers to propose alternate histories, imagining new rules of civic engagement, economic end environmental sustainability, and increased quality of life. These fictions are intended to be functional, relevant beyond Pier, as utopian/dystopian visions applicable to the Eurozone and beyond. Our research will culminate as a series of international exhibitions and a set of proposals that will be gifted to various communities.

McGyver School of Art + Design


2014 – present

McSAD began as an intervention that turned the tables on the traditional art-school portfolio-day ritual. On-site faculty interviewed 30+ anonymous art students, art professors, creatives, and other community members on how to build a better art institution. Prospective collaborators were asked to define their notion of an ideal art education and proposed strategies for a DIY school built from the ground up. Through this process, the participants created a foundational archive that will shape McSAD’s first round of academic expansion. This combination thought experiment and brainstorming session introduced the community at large to McSAD’s pedagogical structure – one that emphasizes problem solving and skill acquisition through a real world, project-based curriculum. By operating within a pragmatically-focused, think-tank structure, we will be inverting a score of prevailing hierarchies, from who dictates the outcomes to who foots the bill.

Near Futures


Fall 2014

As part of Washington D.C.’s 5x5 public art project, Near Futures re-imagined the impact of national policies – immigration, security, energy, housing, communication – through a series of artists’ interventions in neighborhoods throughout the District. Furthermore provided logistical, production, and communications support for curator Stephanie Sherman and the participating artists.