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Artist Run Art Fair (Baltimore)

July 17, 2015 - July 19, 2015


*download .gifs here (right click or drag to save)

‘Selfies' are simply the digital-era version of an impulse to easily become both the photographer and subject of a photographic image. Regardless of place, the space surrounding the self provides a third position between the real or constructed—a possibility for the banal to become exotic and distant.

These pictures become documentary evidence, augmenting and often outlasting biological memory. With this in mind, DC-based artist Stephen Crouch invites the audience to step into an artificial, fantastic space and take selfies in .gif format (a highly stripped-down moving image). He exploits what would otherwise be a very personal, hand-built, gestural sculpture, discarding the assumption that screens should be flat, rectangular surfaces. Projection-mapped videos of organic geometries can be switched by viewers, and at the their discretion, a snapshot of the experience can be created as a free .gif for all.

#gifshop transforms an art fair booth into a shared experience that, extended by the exchange of digital files, becomes a work created in collaboration with the audience. Taken as a whole, the project is also a thoughtful reconsideration of experiences ranging from party photo-booths to introspective environments of meditation. It isn’t simply the installation, but the idea of the installation, spreading throughout the world as digital artifacts. It’s an immersive, sensory environment that contemplates the technology-driven, post-psychedelic youth culture of today.

STEPHEN CROUCH received a BFA from the University of Kentucky in 2005 and began his art career in Chicago, Illinois with a series of exhibitions at 1909 Gallery. In 2009, he moved to Washington, DC and soon after began living and working at 52 O Street Artist Studios. Since then, he has exhibited almost exclusively at underground and artist-run, DC spaces such as Furthermore, Hole in the Sky, The Wonderbox and 87 Florida as well as organized various art exhibits and music events. Crouch’s work is in the collection of the DC Commission of Arts & Humanities and several private collections throughout the US. Additionally, he is the founder of BLK CHVRCH, a creative direction agency, and a member of the moped gang DIRT CHVRCH.

Special thanks to Kent Reynolds ( and Nia Christian