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Quantum Fiction

June 20, 2015 - July 25, 2015

Furthermore is pleased to present Quantum Fiction, a group exhibition guest curated by Victor Aguilar of Wilderness Bureau featuring the work of Christine Gray (Palo Alto), Marissa Long (DC) and John Whitlock (Brooklyn)—a trio of artists bearing witness to the inherent fallacy of rendering an objective reality.

Quantum Fiction examines the closely entangled relationship between our everyday experience of the natural world and the potential states of being that are contained within. The selected works reflect profound observation, building upon a scaffolding of seemingly familiar scenes, subject matter and materials. While anchored in the ordinary, these artists drift towards enigmatic territory – each proposing alternate visions of reality infused with hints of the fantastic, the magical and the surreal.

At first glance, Christine Gray’s acrylic and cut-vinyl compositions delineate quiet, almost unremarkable scenes rendered in the austere vernacular of the studio still-life. Yet despite their unassuming arrangement, the objects depicted in Gray’s works wield a gravitational potency that flatten, warp and augment their surrounding environments in unlikely ways. Vibrant fields of color, graphic textile patterns and oblique suggestions of household furniture repeatedly assert their presence only to retreat into the background, oscillating vaguely between abstraction and realism.

Marissa Long combines collage, sculpture and assemblage to create photographic works that offer a glimpse of the uncanny superimposed upon the banal objects with which we are tangibly familiar. Collecting an assortment of found artifacts, hand-crafted forms and organic materials, Long devises beguiling compositions that teeter on the brink of surrealism – subverting our notions of a rational, concrete reality in favor of one that is far more indeterminate and perplexing. Presented in this way, these modest items approach the status of talismans, imbued with mystical qualities that undermine the strictures of time and space.

Similarly, John Whitlock’s series of collages bridge a perceptual void. While these elaborate constructions pay homage to the graphic and pictorial qualities of Dada and Futurism, Whitlock uses found imagery as a vehicle to investigate the latent emotional and metaphysical tensions that permeate the rational world. By fragmenting and manipulating remnants of our visual culture and reconstituting them into new and discrete forms, Whitlock approximates the gestalt of our collective psyche – assembling reproductions of reality that are at times random, recursive and ontologically cryptic.

These artists undermine the boundaries imposed by strict representation, offering semblances of our physical world that augment or otherwise distort it. In doing so, they interrogate the very nature of reality by intervening in its depiction – challenging our perception and the limits of realism. Quantum Fiction marks the first curatorial effort by Victor Aguilar / Wilderness Bureau.

CHRISTINE GRAY is a Palo Alto based artist who received an MFA from the University of California Santa Barbara and a BFA from The University of Texas at Austin. Her work has been presented in exhibitions across the United States at places including Project 4 (Washington DC), RARE Gallery (New York), Mirus Gallery (San Francisco), and the Torrance Art Museum (Los Angeles).She has received numerous awards for her work including residency fellowships at The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Jentel in Wyoming, and Seven Below in Vermont. Her work has been published in Art in America, Art Papers, New American Paintings, Beautiful/Decay, and numerous other publications. Christine recently moved to Palo Alto from the Washington DC/Alexandria area where she worked as a professor in the Painting and Printmaking Department at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

MARISSA LONG is an Arlington, VA-based artist who received a BFA from the Corcoran College of Art + Design with a concentration in fine art photography. Locally, her work has been exhibited at various DC spaces including Transformer, Civilian Art Projects, and the Katzen Art Museum, and has been presented elsewhere both nationally and internationally. Marissa has worked in the arts for a decade, and in addition to founding and directing
a company that provides after school arts programs for elementary school kids in the DC/metro area, she is also the creator and editor of the new online arts publication, Great Big Iceberg.

JOHN WHITLOCK is an artist from Brooklyn, NY working in both traditional and new media, collage and assemblage. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently in a solo exhibition at The Chicago Urban Art Society. Whitlock has been featured in numerous publications, including The Age of Collage: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art (Gestalten – Berlin, Germany). His work in the International Weird Show exhibit at The Invisible Dog in Brooklyn, NY was also featured in Kolaj Magazine issue #8 (Montreal, PQ). John Whitlock lives and works in Brooklyn, NY where he was born and

VICTOR AGUILAR is a DC-based graphic designer and artist. He received a BA from the University of Maryland in 2005, where he studied fine art with a concentration in graphic design and digital media and supporting studies in painting and art history. His work has been published in LL11: Letterhead & Logo Design and he has exhibited artwork at the Corcoran Gallery of Art and Transformer, a non-profit art space in Washington DC. He currently works as an associate creative director at ISL, an independent digital agency and is co-founder of Wilderness Bureau, a multi-disciplinary creative collective. For more information please visit and