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Stephen Crouch: Fractal Mapping

October 24, 2014 - November 23, 2014

FURTHERMORE is pleased to debut Fractal Mapping, the first DC solo exhibition by emerging, DC-based artist Stephen Crouch. In recent years, Crouch’s work has fused the line and letter styles of his early graffiti work, further abstracting them into sculptural forms, paintings and installations. The lyrical movement inherent in graffiti becomes both topographical and at the same time non-hierarchical – in terms of color, figure and ground - through his choice of monochromatic materials and scale. Preferring utilitarian materials, such as cardboard and wood remnants, the artist’s work embodies an acute tension between the handmade and the readymade.

In Fractal Mapping, the artist extends this visual language by integrating new media, sound, light and interactivity to this new, site-specific installation. FURTHERMORE’s project space transforms once again into a sensory environment for user/viewer participation. A large-scale 3-D mural becomes the screen for projection-mapped videos of crystals and other neo-age visuals that can be morphed and directed by viewers through an iPad, while the floor transmits a sub-decibel soundtrack for mutated proto-humanoids.

Entering through a tunnel of sorts, kinetic ceiling sculptures guide the way to the rest of the installation while a jester-like sheeple creeps text messages to the audience. Taken as a whole, Fractal Mapping is a reaction against traditional environments of meditation--a space that suggests surreal and sinister interpretations. It’s an immersive environment created by the artist in reaction to the technology-driven, post-psychedelic youth culture of today.

Stephen Crouch received a BFA from the University of Kentucky in 2005 and began his art career in Chicago, Illinois with a series of exhibitions at 1909 Gallery. In 2009, he moved to Washington, DC and soon after began living and working at 52 O Street Artist Studios. Since then, he has exhibited almost exclusively at underground and artist-run, DC spaces such as Hole in the Sky, The Wonderbox and 87 Florida as well as organized various art exhibits and music events. Crouch’s work is in the collection of the DC Commission of Arts & Humanities and several private collections. Additionally, he is the founder of BLK CHVRCH, a creative direction agency, and a member of the moped gang DIRT CHVRCH.