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Queer New York in Washington DC

July 9, 2014

Furthermore, Aether Art Projects & Queer New York International proudly present QUEER NEW YORK IN WASHINGTON DC

curated by Zvonimir Dobrovic (Croatia) & Eames Armstrong (DC)

“Denuded” by Bruno Isakovic (Croatia)

additional performances by DC artists:
John Moletress
Pussy Noir


QUEER NEW YORK IN WASHINGTON DC highlights the Queer New York International Arts Festival’s mission to expand the parameters and reading of what queer performance can be and mean. Their current project supports Bruno Isakovic’s Denuded U.S. tour, which will also travel to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco this July.

Denuded was created during an artistic residency at the Art Workshop Lazareti in Dubrovnik, Croatia, through the Perforations program and the Performing Arts Network. The piece extends the framework set by Isakovic’s previous work Invocation, in which a performer with inherent physical expressions and stage presence attempts to supersede purely physical movement while embodying the friction between the secular and the spiritual.

Denuded continues this exploration in order to transform physicality and deconstruct the automatic gamut of sensory information that dictates what we see, recognize, and experience. Isakovic bypasses classical staging and sets his body off of the stage, so that the groundwork for performance as a series of time-based, sculptural movements can be activated. Further, the relationship with the audience is re-questioned through a series of feedback loops that cause significant transformations to the artist’s body and the shared architecture of the space.

Isakovic’s performance will also shape the context for new performances by local, emerging performance artists John Moletress, Pussy Noir, and Kunj—curated by Eames Armstrong of Aether Art Projects.


Bruno Isakovic was born in Zagreb, Croatia and studied Contemporary Dance in Amsterdam. In Zagreb, he is a member of the Studio for Contemporary Dance, where he collaborates with numerous choreographers and leads interdisciplinary dance workshops. Upcoming performances are scheduled for Brazil and Australia in late 2014-15.

Denuded: written and performed by Bruno Isakovic (Croatia)
Curated by Zvonimir Dobrovic (Croatia)
Additional performances in Washington DC curated by Eames Armstrong (DC)

Tour organized by: Queer New York International
Organized in Washington, D.C. by Aether Art Projects and hosted by Furthermore

Generously supported by the Ministry of Culture of Croatia, the Zagreb Tourist Office, and the Trust for Mutual Understanding.

Photo by Darko Vaupotic