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McGyver School of Art + Design

March 15, 2014

McGyver School of Art + Design is excited to announce the kickoff event for its inaugural class beginning in the fall of 2014. This combination thought experiment and brainstorming session will introduce prospective students and the community at large to McSAD’s innovative pedagogical structure — one that emphasizes problem solving and skill acquisition through a real world, project-based curricula.

“The McGyver School has been but a glimmer in my eye until this moment” says Provost Mia Feuer. “But myself, our board, our faculty, and our community believe that McSAD is uniquely positioned to become the preeminent
institution of arts education in our nation’s capital. By operating within a pragmatically focused, think tank structure, we will be inverting a score of prevailing hierarchies, from who dictates the outcomes to who foots the bill.”

Please join our core staff of adjunct faculty members, James Huckenpahler, Patrick McDonough, and Jose Ruiz, on site, as they work in real time to build the school’s agenda from the ground up. Admitted students, applicants, and other interested parties will respond on-camera to a series of prompts to create a foundational archive that will shape the form of McSAD's first round of academic expansion.



Check out a preview of the show here: