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The Quiet Cabaret

February 15, 2014

The QUIET CABARET, curated by Katie Macyshyn, will be an evening of very quiet, essentially silent, performances with accompanying soundtracks & streamed audio to be experienced through smartphones and earbuds. The project collapses public performances with private consumption, air guitar with alienation, and exhibitionism withautobiography. 

Featuring new works by Armando Lopez Bircann, Richie Brown, Miles Forrester, Kirsty Little, Katie Macyshyn, Carolina Mayorga, and Ian McDermott.

Step right up ladies and gentlemen and feast your eyes on a menagerie of wonders. Peerin as they prune and preen—the dayglo birds of paradise performing a phiber-optic phantasia! Try not to trip as you step inside our transdimensional tuning table’s teleportation tinker. Give your brain a good washing with a preacher from far-off and exotic lands! Many try but few succeed- endure the agonies of motherhood by lifting the heaviest baby! And we're educational too! Take a stroll down our hall of Cher and turn back to a simpler time of bellbottoms, baubles, and belly-baring. But that's not all! She slides, she glides, she's not tall enough for rides, see the Colombian dancer! Last but not least, cheer as grown men wrestle in their pyjamas!All this in the shared privacy* of your smartphone!**Try not to blink, folks. This show is one of a kind and only for a short time. Come one. Come all. Walk, run, or crawl to the quintessentially quiet riot, The Quiet Cabaret.

Learn more at:* The NSA will be listening, too.**Smart phone not included. Please bring your own, and be ready to download a free app.

Check out a preview of the show here: