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The Great Divide

From The Washington City Paper
By Kriston Capps
April 25, 2014  |  weblink


For sure. A savvy opinion piece by Jonah Lewis in the Feb. 26 edition of the GW Hatchet compares the GW student body to “the unassuming white couples in Lands’ End catalogs.” The solution is clear, he says, and on this he is correct: Absorbing the Corcoran will make GW cooler...

In a fit of coolness, Corcoran students and faculty (and many others from the Washington community) mounted a project in March called the McGyver School of Art + Design. In the back of a moving truck parked at 9th and U streets NW, McSAD faculty interviewed prospective members of the class of 2018 on what an art school should be. “[M]yself, our board, our faculty, and our community believe that McSAD is uniquely positioned to become the preeminent institution of arts education in our nation’s capital,” read a statement by McSAD “provost” Mia Feuer, whose winter solo show at the Corcoran may go down as one of its last, and finest.